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Cuerpo social y cuerpo poético en la escena argentina


The social body and the poetic body on the Argentine stage

This essay proposes a redefinition of theater as event that employs the notions of communion, a poiesis of the body and poetic-convivial expectation, and that is derived from the perspective of living culture and its insertion in a Philosophy of Theater. It distinguishes the social body from the poetic body as a form of radical differentiation in order to conceptualize a social theatricality and a poetic theatricality. The corollaries of this redefinition are the concepts of theater as a zone of experience and subjectivity. The essay outlines different modalities of subjectivity production—macropolitical and micropolitical (with their variants)—on the basis of poetic theatricality: internal subjectivity (or the subjectivity of the poetic body); subjectivity of the ethical act, an intermediary institutional subjectivity; and the double subjectivity of the relationship between poiesis and civic life. Finally, it characterizes the artist (and the theater artist in particular) as a specific type of intellectual.


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