Susana Baca
Ricardo Dominguez
Liliana Felipe
Jean Franco
Faye Ginsberg
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Carlos Monsivais
Lorie Novak
Reverend Billy
Jesusa Rodríguez
Richard Schechner
Denise Stoklos
Carmelita Tropicana
Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani
and others

July 7 - 21st International Seminar & Summer Course
Department of Performance Studies, NYU

#H42.1500 & #H42.2500 4 Credits (open to Undergrad & Grad)

This two-week intensive course led by Professor Diana Taylor, offers students the opportunity to work with some of the most outstanding scholars, artists and activists in the Americas. This year’s topic, “Spectacles of Religiosities,” organizes a broad range of workshops, mini scholarly seminars, installations, and performances, working groups and round-table discussions. Students will engage in collaborative projects with other students in the Americas-including Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba-and present a work-in-progress presentation as a final assignment. These projects can be a written paper, a performance, or a joint presentation on collaborative work. Workshops include masking, performing with objects, performance as activism, indigenous performance traditions, dance from various parts of the Americas and web technologies for art, activism, and education.

Nightly performances feature major artists.

There is a $300 materials fee for the course in addition to New York University's tuition.

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