Dear CLABLA (Columbia Latin American Business Law Association) members and officers,

I would like to express my deepest regret for your invitation to Domingo Cavallo to participate as an "academic specialist" along with Prof. Joseph
Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economics 2001, at a conference on March 12 at Columbia University. I consider unacceptable that Mr. Cavallo is welcomed as an honorary guest and objective analyst, when in fact he implemented many of the policies that have led led Argentina to its current state of economic and social crisis.

Ten days ago, I attended a conference at NYU where one of the guest speakers was asked what did she think that Cavallo could teach at Stern. Before the speaker could reply the audience there was united in a communal laugh. It goes without saying that NYU prestige fell apart in that moment as well as when the news of Cavallo' s appointment circulated in different publications around the world.

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Marcela Fuentes