Apply for help/funding for making a Web Cuaderno:

The Hemispheric Institute is committed to helping members develop web cuadernos for this site that contribute to the understanding of how performance and politics intersect in the Americas. Contact us to submit materials, or for help designing the cuaderno itself. A limited number of small grants and awards are available to help members develop cuadernos on their own.

Hemispheric Institute Fellowships
Research Fellowships and Awards: $1,500 - $2,000

Grants and awards are available to Hemispheric Institute Members to support primary research projects related to the Hemispheric Institute·s exploration of the relationship between expressive behavior and social and political life in the Americas. In keeping with the Institute·s objective of providing an open resource for scholars, artists and activists, the goal of these awards is to help members prepare and curate materials that will make a significant contribution to our public on-line archive.

The projects may include but are not limited to: the development and creation of a web cuaderno*, the creation of a digital photo archive, the development of activist actions and writings; the preparation of an artistic performance or other artwork; academic research and fieldwork, projects that cross boundaries between traditional scholarship, activism, or art-making. Funds are also available for the digitization of previously compiled or completed work. The scope and form of such contribution can vary widely, depending on the project, the genre, and any relevant copyright concerns.

The primary language of the archival contribution will typically be in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. Once selected, fellowship/award recipients will be advised on final submission format, specific language, copyright, and other technical issues regarding their archival contribution.

Eligibility for Funding:

  • Applicants must be Hemispheric Institute Members. Institute members are students, faculty, or members of any current member Institutions; past or present students of Hemispheric Institute courses; past participants of Hemispheric Institute seminars.
  • Applicants must have a well defined project that is compatible with the goals and interests of the Institute.
  • Collaborative projects are eligible. Each member should submit a CV and provide an explanation of their specific role in the project.

Terms of Award:
Projects are to be planned and completed by December 31, 2004.

Application Information:
A complete application must include:

1. Two- to three-page project proposal outlining overall research goals

2. A detailed curriculum vitae of researcher

3. One-page archival contribution proposal

4. A detailed budget and timeline

5. Letter of recommendation from a person best qualified to comment on the value of the project and the background and skills of the applicant.

Complete applications should be sent electronically (as an attachment) in English, Spanish, or Portuguese to Jill Lane, at
Questions about the fellowship should be directed first to Ayanna Lee, Assistant Director of the Hemispheric Institute, at

Application deadline: on or before December 1, 2003
Decisions announced in or before February 2, 2004

*Web cuadernos are on-line curations of multi-media materials focused on particular topics and/or bodies of work relating to performance and politics in the Americas. They contain combinations of photos, videos, texts, hyperlinks, bibliographies, and audio recordings, each piece gathered to explore a specific topic. The collections are based on a loose scaffolding or outline designed to make connections between disciplines, to serve as a research resource for artists and scholars, and to solicit exchange and additional materials. We currently have the following cuadernos on our site: Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani from Peru, DanzAbierta from Cuba, H.I.J.O.S. from Argentina, Los Rumbos de la Rumba, Capital Places (about Plaza Italia in Santiago, Chile), and Holy Terrors: Latin American Women Perform. Click on the name of each cuaderno to view it.